Report issues and suggest features and improvements on the GitHub issue tracker.

If you want to file a bug, please provide all the necessary info listed in our issue reporting template (it's loaded automatically when you create a new GitHub issue).


Patches in any form are always welcome! GitHub pull requests are even better! :)

Before submitting a patch or a pull request make sure all tests are passing and that your patch is in line with the contribution guidelines. Also see the Development section.


Good documentation is just as important as good code. Check out the Documentation section of this guide and consider adding or improving Cop descriptions.

Working on the Manual

The manual is generated from the markdown files in the doc folder of RuboCop's GitHub repo and is published to Read the Docs. The MkDocs tool is used to convert the markdown sources to HTML.

To make changes to the manual you simply have to change the files under manual. The manual will be regenerated automatically when changes to those files are merged in main (or the latest stable branch).

You can install MkDocs locally and use the command mkdocs serve to see the result of changes you make to the manual locally:

$ cd path/to/rubocop-sketchup/repo
$ mkdocs serve

If you want to make changes to the manual's page structure you'll have to edit mkdocs.yml.