Development Requirements

Building this gem requires bundler.

gem install bundler

Initialize Developer Environment

From the folder where you cloned the repository:

bundle install

This will install all the developer dependencies to build the gem.


bundle exec rake install

After running this command rubocop-sketchup should be available on your system.


Running all tests:

bundle exec rake

Running single spec:

bundle exec rake spec SPEC=spec/rubocop/sketchup/requirements/global_methods_spec.rb

Add a new cop

Use a rake task to generate a cop template.

$ bundle exec rake new_cop[Department/Name]
Files created:
  - lib/rubocop-sketchup/sketchup/cop/department/name.rb
  - spec/rubocop-sketchup/sketchup/cop/department/name_spec.rb
File modified:
  - A configuration for the cop is added into config/default.yml
    - If you want to disable the cop by default, set `Enabled` option to false.

Do 3 steps:
  1. Modify the description of Department/Name in config/default.yml
  2. Implement your new cop in the generated file
  3. Make sure your new cop have tests!

Implementing the cop

See RuboCop's own documentation for details.


To release a new version (Done by SketchUp Team), update the version number using bundle exec rake cut_release. For instance, bundle exec rake cut_release:minor when a new feature has been added or the RuboCop dependency has been updated. Run bundle exec rake cut_release:patch for bug-fixes only. Then run bundle exec rake release, which will create a git tag for the version, push git commits and tags, and push the .gem file to

You need the API key for an account that have ownership of the gem to push a new version. Make sure the API key is set up in ~/.gem/credentials before running bundle exec rake release.

HTTPS GitHub Credentials under Windows

As of 22 Feb 2018, GitHub has disabled support for weak encryption which means many users will suddenly find themselves unable to authenticate using a Git for Windows which (impacts versions older than v2.16.0). DO NOT PANIC, there's a fix. Update Git for Windows to the latest (or at least v2.16.0).

Updating for new SketchUp version

Whenever a new SketchUp release is made rubocop-sketchup needs to update a few files that maps features to SketchUp version numbers:

  • lib\rubocop\sketchup\features.rb
  • lib\rubocop\sketchup\sketchup_version.rb